Domestic violence is an extremely traumatizing experience. Emotional scars from the abuse often outlasts the physical impact. Center for Domestic Peace recognizes that survivors are at a higher risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse disorders, and stress related mental health conditions. Learning to cope with residual emotional pain is essential and we are here to help.


Center for Domestic Peace offers crisis counseling over the phone and in a safe and confidential environment where survivors may express their feelings, thoughts, and fears. We also provide referrals to free licensed therapists and counselors who are nonjudgmental third-party advisors who listen. They can help provide survivors with the tools they need to work through remaining anxiety, process lingering memories of trauma, and find ways to relieve stress and regulate
strong emotions.


Attending group counseling sessions hosted by trained facilitators can connect survivors with others who have had similar experiences. Talking with other survivors reduces feelings of isolation created by abusers and helps survivors see how others have gotten through tough situations. All sessions are guided by program materials designed to be healing and thought provoking.