Open Your Heart for Peace

What is Open Your Heart for Peace?

Open Your Heart for Peace is CDP’s 2nd annual Valentine’s Day-themed event to help raise money for the organization while also spreading awareness about the importance of healthy relationships. The event will offer delicious appetizers and drinks, along with opportunities to mingle and a silent auction.

Open Your Heart for Peace will be held at Creekside Oyster House & Grill on Sunday, February 4, 2024, from 2PM until 5PM.

Please use the link to the right to purchase tickets to this event. If you are interested in being an event sponsor please call (828) 586-1237 and ask to speak with Wesley Myers. Your contribution to this event will go a long way to helping CDP leverage federal dollars for our upcoming shelter, which will be staffed 24/7 and can house up to 18-20 individuals at a time.