About us

Center for Domestic Peace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that takes a holistic, community focused approach towards ending interpersonal violence in Jackson County, North Carolina. Center for Domestic Peace provides a wide variety of services to those experiencing interpersonal violence in our community.


Our mission is to end interpersonal violence in the community
through prevention, intervention, and educational services

Guiding Principles

Everyone has a right to be treated with dignity: we honor, respect, and value
multiculturalism and diversity

Interpersonal violence is a complex problem which means intervention, prevention, and
education are planned and provided with community collaboration

We believe the victim/survivor

The victim/survivor is not responsible for the violence of another person’s actions:
accountability for the violence lies with the perpetrator

Intervention builds upon the victim/survivor’s strengths, we aim to empower our clients
to help themselves

Executive Director & Board of Directors


Heather Baker


Mary Ann Lochner

Vice President

Tonya Vickery


Jennifer Abshire


Wesley Myers

Executive Director

Erica Bullock

Board Member

Cyndy Caravelis

Board Member

Patsy Davis

Board Member

Ali Laird Large

Board Member

Daniel Manring

Board Member

Nancy McConnell

Board Member

Lane Perry

Board Member

Lynn Stanberry

Board Member

Kelly Tornow

Board Member