Prevention, Education & Outreach

Center for Domestic Peace believes everyone deserves to be in healthy and loving relationships and offers support specifically to LGBTQ+ survivors. Abuse among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning “plus” (LGBTQ+) people occurs at rates equal to, or even higher than, their heterosexual peers. LGBTQ+ people may face forms of abuse or barriers to accessing support specifically based on prejudices against their gender expression or sexuality.


Programs and Outreach for the LGBTG+ Community

  • Annual staff training on LGBTQ+ victim service provision
  • Participation in local Pride events
  • Outreach presentations geared towards LGBTQ+ issues

School Children

Center for Domestic Peace believes that youth advocacy and the prevention of domestic violence is paramount. Center for Domestic Peace has developed a comprehensive curriculum to be offered in schools, community organizations, clubs, etc, and that is easily adaptable to serve all grade levels. Through the Center for Domestic Peace’s Prevention Program, we can create more positive outcomes for young people in our community.

Programs and Outreach for School Children

  • Community outreach events
  • Multi-tiered prevention program for all age groups
  • Youth advocacy
  • Community partnerships with child advocacy organizations
Center for Domestic Peace offers services and support to the LatinX community. The goal of
the LatinX Outreach Program is to provide assistance with the unique challenges facing the LatinX community. Center for Domestic Peace strives to break down the barriers to receiving services related to domestic violence that exist for the LatinX community. It is our goal to give a voice to this underrepresented population.


Programs and Outreach for the LatinX and Immigrant Communities

  • Referral to Spanish speaking therapists
  • Spanish-speaking staff
  • Latinx focused outreach events
  • Hosting training and education for professionals
  • Collaboration with LatinX serving community partners
  • T and U Visa petition referrals